SL600 Outdoor Card Holder



Overall height 50cm (20”) Designed to hold 8” x 6” Cards which are held securely in place by plastic straps located at each corner. Cards are fixed at a 30 degree angle so are clearly visible. The three pronged stake makes it very stable outdoors. It is made in a Black durable weather resistant plastic.


Available in 25’s at £35.00


Larger quantities by quotation.

SL280 Flower Bucket Label

A specialised label for clipping to the sides of flower buckets.



The label is 22cm long and has a writing area of 9 x 6cm.

Available in 25’s at £8.00 per case.


Larger quantities by quotation.

Cane Caps (CC1, CC2, CC3 and CC5)

High quality Cane Caps to suit all canes





Cap Type   Cane Type   Minimum Order   Small Lot Price

CC1         Standard     100                 £5.90

CC2         Thin           100                  £3.90

CC3         Split           100                  £4.20

CC5         Thick          100                  £6.80


All caps are available in cartons of 1000, larger quantities by quotation.